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Course Curriculum

Business Analysis Foundations - Level 1

  • 01
    1. Business Analysis (BA) Introduction, BA Roles, and Software Development Life Cycle
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    • 1. Roles and Responsibilities of a BA, Organization Overview (Client, Vendor, Project)
    • 2. SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), Waterfall, V-Shaped, Prototyping, Iterative, Agile
    • 3. SDLC (Spiral Model), Production Implementation (Mobile Banking)
    • 4. Requirements Elicitation Methods & Requirements Working Session (Elaboration)
  • 02
    2. BA's Deliverables (Use Cases, BRD, FRD, Process Flow Diagrams, Wireframes)
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    • 5 - Use Case Diagrams and Requirements Elicitation Techniques
    • 6. Use Case Techniques (Pre-conditions, Post-conditions, Dependencies, Primary, Alternate, Exceptions)
    • 7. Prototyping Techniques (Mind-map, Wireframe, Graphic Design, Prototype), BPR
    • 8. Business Process Re-engineering (As-Is and To-Be Requirements)
    • 9. Group Techniques (Focus Groups, Brainstorming, Requirements Workshop, JAD Session)
    • 10. BRD (Business Requirements Document) is Business Analyst's Deliverable
    • 11. Workflows, Process Flow Chart Diagram, SIPOC, Mind Maps, Navigation Maps, Wireframes, State Diagrams
    • 12. Workflows, Process Flow Chart Diagram, SIPOC, Mind Maps, Navigation Maps, Wireframes, State Diagrams
  • 03
    3. BA's Deliverables (Data Requirements, Non-Functional Requirements, System Requirements)
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    • 13. Database Design and ER (Entity Relationship) Diagram (Logical, Schema, Physical, and Security Design)
    • 14. SQL (Structured Query Language), DDL, DML, DCL, TCL
    • 15. Data Transmission (Interface Description, Error Codes, Exception Handling, Interface Mechanism, Batch, Real-time Transmission)
    • 16. UML Diagram (Functional, Structural, Dynamic Models) & Object Orientation Methodology
    • 17. Non-Functional Requirements (Data Requirements, Data Volume, Conversion, Retention, Archiving, Privacy and Security)
    • 18. Non-functional Requirements (Availability, Usability, System Help, Performance, Scalability, Interface) and BRD Approval
  • 04
    4. BA Roles, Responsibilities, Scope and Requirements Management
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    • 19. Project Roles, Responsibilities, RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Contributing, Informed), Requirements Plan, Scope Management
    • 20. Requirements Change Request Management, Change Committee Board, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Risk Management
    • 21. Enterprise Analysis (Business Case, Alternative Analysis, Preferred Solution)
  • 05
    5. BA's involvement in Software Quality Assurance Testing
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    • 22. BA's Involvement in Software Quality Assurance, Testing Stages (Unit Testing, System Integration, User Acceptance Testing), Testing Techniques, SWOT Analysis
    • 23. Test Cases, Test Script, Test Data, Expected vs Actual Test Results
  • 06
    6. Agile Software Development
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    • 24. Agile Methodology (e.g. Scrum Model) and BA's Deliverables (Epics, User Story Mapping, Acceptance Criteria, Product Backlog, Prioritization)
    • 25. Sprints Planning, User Story Estimation, Velocity, Kanban Approach, Agile Requirements
    • 26. Atlassian JIRA Real-World Agile Project (Task, Bug, Epic) Requirements Gathering
  • 07
    7. Agile BA - Agile Manifesto Values, Principals
    Show details
    • 1. Agile Manifesto Values
    • 2. Agile Manifesto Principles
  • 08
    8. Agile BA - Agile Requirements, Stages, Milestones, and Deliverables
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    • 3. Business Requirements
    • 4. Sprint Zero, Product Road-Map
    • 5. Product Roadmap, User Stories, Epics
    • 6. Acceptance Criteria, INVEST (Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small or Sized, Testable)
  • 09
    9. Agile BA - (Inventory Management Project: Case Study)
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    • 7. Case Study (Inventory Management)
  • 10
    10. Agile BA - (Inventory Management Project: Story Grooming and Prioritization)
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    • 8. Case Study (Inventory Management) - Functional Requirement Analysis
    • 9. MoSCoW (Priority) and Release Backlogs
  • 11
    11. Agile BA - (Inventory Management Project: Breakdown User Stories into Acceptance Criteria - Use Case Analysis, Data Dictionary, Process Flows)
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    • 10. Grooming Product Backlogs, Scoping - Use Case Diagram, User Interface Models - Mockups, State/Transition Diagram
    • 11. Data Models, Entity Relationship Diagrams
    • 12. Process Model, Process Flow Diagrams and User Stories
    • 13. Splitting User Stories, User Story, Just-in-time Documentation
  • 12
    12. Agile BA - (Inventory Management Project: Requirements, Story Point Estimation, and Scope Management and Project Teams)
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    • 14. Requirements Elicitation Techniques and Document Analysis
    • 15. Stakeholders (Business, Information Technology, External) and Project Team Members
  • 13
    13. Agile BA - (Inventory Management Project: Project Teams, Quality Assurance)
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    • 16. Software Quality Assurance (User Acceptance Testing), Requirements Change Management
    • 17. Business Strategy Analysis (Gap Analysis, As-Is, To-Be)
    • 18. User Story Point Estimation Techniques
  • 14
    14. BA Level 1: Introduction, SDLC, Business Analysis, UI Introduction
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  • 15
    15. BA Level 2: Deliverables (BRD, FRD, Use Cases, Data Dictionary, Rules Doc, NFR)
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    • Lesson 8 - BA Waterfall Deliverables (NEED, FEAT, Traceability Matrix, BRD, FRD, SRS, Use Cases, Process Flow, Data Dic., Rules, NFR) | Mobile Platform (, Native App, iOS, Android), Banking Platforms (Dot Com, Apply, Money Movement, OLB)
    • Lesson 9 - Writing Use Cases (Primary and Secondary Actors, Triggers, Pre and Post Conditions, Happy, Alternate, Exception Paths) | Use Case Reference Documents (Data Dictionaries, Business Rules Documents) | Project (ATM & Branch Locator)
    • Lesson 10 - Data Dictionary (Versions, Screen ID/Name, Field Name, Type, Front-end/Backend Validation, Default, Pre-populated, Required/Optional Field) | 508 Compliance (ADA, Alternate Text) | Traceability (Use Case to Data Journal to Test Cases)
    • Lesson 11 - Use Case Diagram (UML 2.0) | Process FlowChart Diagram (Start/End, Process, Decision, Off-Page Reference, Display, Error Messages, Manual Entry, Output, Swim-lane Diagram, Notes) | Process Flowchart Tools (Visio, Lucid Chart, Balsamiq)
    • Lesson 12 - Writing Business Rules (Resolves: Yes/No, Gender: Male/Female, Tobacco Usage: Yes/No) | Objectives (Achieve Business Goals, Reduce Obstacles, Legal/Regulatory Compliance) | Project (BCBS Health Insurance Quote, SEO, Credit Cards, CSI Segments)
    • Lesson 13 - NFR 'Non-Functional Specifications' (Operation of a System, System Architecture, Hardware Requirements, Capacity, Performance, Accessibility, Backend, Data Integrity, Durability, Escrow)
  • 16
    16. BA Level 3: Industry & Technology Domains, Quality Assurance
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    • Lesson 14 - Scalability (Load Balancing) | Compliance (DSD, PCI, HIPPA, NPI, PII) | Extensibility (SOA, Web Services, ESB, XML) | Data (Transactional, Referencial) | Storage (Optical, SSS, NAS) | Quality (Code, KONY) | DR | Network | Fault Tolerance |
    • Lesson 15 - Quality Assurance (Enhance Product through Process Improvement, Verify NEED, FEAT, BRD, FRD, Change Request) | Software Tester (Executes Test Cases, Defects) | Testing (Unit, J-Unit, N-Unit, Alpha, Beta, Database Testing: HLD, LLD, IST, UAT)
    • Lesson 16 - Bugs (Defects in BRD, FRD, SRS, UI, Design, HLD, LLD, NFR, Code) | Testing (Penetration, Venerability) | Release Plan(Schedule Environments), QA (Master Test Plan, LOE, Facilitate Defect Calls, Traceability Matrix) | Test Case Creation
    • Lesson 17- Dynamic (UI, App-Server, DB) | Static Testing (UI, CTA, Navigation, Copy Doc, Style-sheet, Legal and Compliance ReviewITMMR) | Document Management (SharePoint) | Testing Cont'd (White/Grey/Black Box, Unit, Regression) | Escalation Points
    • Lesson 18 - Systems Integrated Testing (SIT, Interface, Integrated Codes) | Testing (Alpha/Internal, Beta/External, Fuzz, Injection, Patches) | SPL (Stress/Break-Point, Performance/Response Time, Load/Scaling Peaks) | Security, Availability, Automation
    • Lesson 19 - BA/QA Hybrid Role (Test Plan, Approach, Strategy, Environments, Scope, Acceptance, Test Methods, Schedules, Code Freeze, Resources) | Test Cases (Steps, Input, Desc, Expected, Actuals, Pass/Fail) | Artifacts (Test Cases, Scrambled Test Data)
  • 17
    17. BA Level 4: Business Data Analysis, BA Deliverables
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    • Lesson 20
    • Lesson 21 - OLTP DB (Online Transactional Processing DB for Production/Operational Purpose) | OLAP (Online Analytical Processing for Reports, Data-warehouse, Data Lake, BI) | Traditional DB (Flat-file, Slow, Cobol, Mainframes, DB2, AS400, Life70)
    • Lesson 22 - RDBMS (IBM, Table: Columns, Rows, Field Types, Schema, Joins, Primary/Foreign Key, Structured Programming Language) | Relationships (1-1, 1-M, M-M), SQL (Insert, Query, Delete, Update, Delete, Access) | Migration (Mainframe to Client Server)
    • Lesson 23 - History (Relational Software, MIT, Oracle) | DDL (Data Definition Language, Create DB/Table, Use DB, Alter Table, Drop/Remove DB) | DML (Data Manipulation Language, Insert Records, Select Table, Update, Delete) | Flavors (PL/SQL, T-SQL, MYSQL)
    • Lesson 24 - Mortgage Loan Origination Sys. (Equity, Refinance) | LPS (Loan Processing System: VMP, Appraise, Underwrite) | Tools (FIS, Freddie Mac) | Credit Bureau (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian) | Loans (FHA, Fixed Rate, VA, ARM, Equity/Reverse Mortgage)
    • Lesson 25 - Up/Down-stream (Pre-Post Sales), MSP Work-flow (Mortgage Servicing Platform, FIS, 25 MM) | BA Advantages over Tech (Move into Higher Managerial Vertical Hierarchy)

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